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A Change will do you Good

Sheryl Crow said it best in one of her songs... "A Change will do you good". I've finally come around to being motivated enough to actually do something about getting in shape and dropping some of this extra weight I've been carrying around for the past fifteen years. So, I've gone and joined a gym that I pass by every day on the way home from work off of I-10 around Channel View. 24 Hour Fitness isn't just a local fitness center; they have locations throughout the country. Their personal trainers are nice and know what they are talking about, which is always a plus if you ask me.

It's only been a week now and I am somewhat sore but I feel better about myself already. I took the day off from going to the gym yesterday because I was sore. I figured I would give myself a rest. I'll be going after work today again. I must say it is a lot more work than I thought it would be, however, I am told that it will get easier as my body gets used to not just going home after work and crashing.

Joining this gym has me watching what I eat more and I am getting help from a nutrition and exercise tracking application for OS X called Calorie King. It is a really nice application and allows me to add food to it that isn't found in the database; although it has just about anything you can think of including the entire menu at each fast-food restaurant. So it's helping me keep my intake of food below 2,000 calories a day with its daily journal of what I am eating. Drag and drop are nice! It also tracks fat, cholesterol, sugars, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and the rest of them. The reporting is nice in it with pie charts and graphs too.

One of the added benefits is that it also tracks your exercise routine and tells you what you should be losing. Using this app won't be an exact count of everything but it gets you in the ballpark of where you are all the time and that is a big help. Especially for someone like me, who really hasn't paid any attention to this much. It's a nice tool that will help me get back to being in shape and remembering (because I don't) what it felt like fifteen or more years ago.

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