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Life, Work and Books

I haven’t been posting much to my blog lately as you can see. Life gets in the way much of the time but I haven’t had much of a desire to write. I have been working a lot at a company called Hexagroup located in the Montrose section of Houston, Texas. I’ve also been traveling a lot to Waller, Texas to perform design, CSS, and web work for a client of theirs who will soon be launching a new website/services that have to do with the open-source software world.

I am still a contractor there but I am in the middle of negotiations with Hexagroup to come on permanently. Part of my hiring will include learning ASP.Net and be coding (XHTML/CSS) and implementing client web sites into the CMS/Framework Hexagroup has developed that uses ASP.Net. This will allow me to get my feet wet more into other languages used on the web. Working at Hexagroup has been enjoyable mostly.

The work-load is frustrating at times because right now it’s a crazy time for us. So far the economic woes aren’t hitting Texas much at all. Things will slow down a little as we get things in order I am sure. There were several weeks where we could not work when hurricane Ike came through and knocked out all the electricity. So we are basically also catching up on work too. However, 19-hour workdays are getting a little old but I get paid hourly so I shouldn’t complain much!

I’ve ordered several books through Amazon that I will be reading to learn XML, Unix, jQuery, and ASP.Net. Looking forward to the learning experience but also worried about my head exploding! I am so good at XHTML, CSS, Web Standards but have not expanded into other areas that I need to be in to expand my abilities and value to a company. But this is going to be changing as the months go by. 2009 should see a new more powerful and knowledgeable me.

Mom will be going into the hospital to have (what we hope is) her last surgery to rid her of the brain aneurysms they have found. I know she is terrified again, we all are. That is this Monday, November 24th. Hopefully, all goes well. The MacBook Pro is acting up lately, going to be bringing it in tomorrow to the Apple Store in The Galleria in Houston. It boots sometimes and others it just sits there. I used the Migration Assistant to make an exact copy of my hard-drive onto my old PowerMac G5 for now so that I can get work done for Hexagroup from home while my notebook is being fixed. Things have been a little hectic around here. I haven’t washed my truck since end of August, just never have time, am tired of working over a weekend.

Currently, I am sick. Wonder if that has to do with running around so much?

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