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Fedora 33 has Landed on my Desktop :)

Hopefully, this will be the last distro-hop for me (NOT!). I liked Pop!_OS a lot but had a dream for a long time to not be using an Ubuntu-based distro and instead go with a more open free distro. Fedora out of the box is all about using free/libre applications. Risking being a victim of the well-known saying that "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence", there I went anyway.

By default, you won't find any propriety applications or drivers in the repositories for Fedora. The Fedora Project is a community of people working together to build a free and open-source software platform. Advancing software and content freedom is a central community goal, which Fedora accomplishes through the software and content they promote.

I really had no issues with Pop!_OS in general and even went through an update from 20.04 to 20.10. I was living on Pop!_OS for around two months. I chose to stay with Gnome 3 as the desktop environment. I know a lot of people aren't into Gnome because Gnome'' simplicity and workflow are different.

I almost chose the spin of Fedora that comes with KDE desktop environment instead, but being so customizable I wasn't sure I wanted to devote all the time needed to customize it. Gnome Tweaks and Gnome Extensions are enough to change Gnome 3 into an older-school environment for me. Also, the speed boosts I've been hearing about are on using Wayland instead. So Gnome 3 official Fedora 33 was the one I went with.

The install was super-easy. Done in about ten-minutes, unlike Windows that can take an hour. Updates went fast, unlike Windows that can take hours. Most of the applications I was already using on Pop!_OS were free open-source already. I found a couple of alternatives when needed. So far so good. (NOT!) Update: 2 days later, I am on Ubuntu 20.04 for a couple hours and then back onto Pop!_OS.

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