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Switching E-Mails, Hosting My Own

I've ping-ponged (that's a word right?) all over the place throughout the decades I've been online. Earthlink, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, GMail, iCloud, Outlook, Live, and others I can't even remember. Now that I am older I believe I am done with doing what the "normies" do. I care more about privacy now than I ever have. My past habits show how much I've changed.

With getting my domain and website back online I've decided to once again host my own email so I have total control over it. Old-school email for an old-school person. This is probably the most annoying things to do, change your email address. I have so many accounts everywhere in the world, I need to actually keep track of a text file of what I have changed already.

The other e-mails that I have still have will remain open, just so I can make sure I got it all changed. Eventually, they will be going dormant. This ranks up there with losing your ATM or credit cards and having to scramble to get it frozen and then remember to change it everywhere you use it. Fun times for all! Sure, this is self-inflicted unlike losing your credit card, but at least it makes me feel better.

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