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Yes, I'm Still on Fedora, but with Cinnamon

It's been a while since I last posted here. Summer is coming to a close around the country, but this it Texas where we don't have true seasons. Just like in hell it will be hot, hot, hot with a chance of really, really hot. The heat won't go away for several more months and we will still be in shorts in December. The wife and I have both been really busy with work, taking care of my Mother and also my Granddaughter Brooklyn is here for most of the summer, going home on weekends only.

I did a purge of all things digital that I've accumalated over the last 25 years. Too much of something makes most of it not worth anything. I've been on a spending spree as of late purchasing the physical copies of anything I purged that I felt I wanted to own, audio, movies and tv show series. We are in the middle of a home office reset for me. I've purchased several "Billy Bookshelves" from IKEA for my graphic novels, books, CDs and DVDs.

I am happy to report that I am still on Fedora, but with the Cinnamon desktop environment instead of GNOME. It seems I've found the answer to what is the best GNU/Linux distro. The answer is the one you feel comfortable using, makes you happy and you feel home on. With experience you will learn this. Take time with each one, find your home.

The pandemic is making a comeback, again. This is what happens when you go back to as if all things were normal before they are. This is why we can't have nice things. Although the masks do nothing, at least they had people seperated from each other and it was a visual cue that things aren't back to normal yet. Instead, here we go again as Houston is back at condition red.

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