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SpyFU! Blocking the Snoopers!

For around a year I've blocked every server I can find from Google, Alphabet, Facebook, Meta, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram and more in my personal browser, Firefox. This includes their CDNs. My choice of ad-blocking browser extension is UBlock Origin. UBlock Origin allows you to extend even further by blocking other things on the internet. So I jumped on this feature and began putting together a list of servers and domains that I do not want tracking me on the web. For work I use Chrome, only because I don't do anything personal while using it. It is only being used for work to do with my career at the law firm.

Besides NOT using any browser based on Chrome/Chromium for personal activities, another important thing is to block Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Google Search Console from being able to track you on the actual websites you visit. You don't have to worry about mine though, as I do not use anything Google here. Anyway, now onto the point of this post!

I decided I would publish the list as a public project that anyone can contribute to, with the hopes of the list growing and also getting updated when needed. I didn't put it on GitHub or GitLab, instead... CodeBerg. Since they do not sell your information. If you would like to contribute, help it grow, stay up to date and help the community stop the spying by big tech, please do. You can find it here.

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