Feeling Very Optimistic

I received a phone call today from a company in Houston, Texas while I was working from home. Basically they are looking for someone with my experience and expertise in web standards, user-interface design, and accessibility for an online product that they will be launching nationally in the coming months. I believe the phone call went very well, I feel like we hit it off. We share many of the same design philosophies.

  • We are fueled by the User Interface Guidelines detailed by Apple, Inc.
  • Our deep belief in Web Standards and open standards.
  • Will not sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • Semantic meaningful markup.
  • Deeply in love with Macintosh computers.

This by all means is a breath of fresh air from the current atmosphere I am working with. The frustration of working with a company that is so slow to adapt to new technologies drives me batty.

I have two days left working for Landmark Communications, one more at home and the last on Friday. We leave Friday night for a trip to Texas to find a house. During the week I am there I am supposed to call this company and meet with the person I spoke with and another of their employees at a cafe or something similar. I am really excited, I don’t even recall feeling so good about the outcome from a phone call about a job before. So that’s a good sign right?