Got to Get Away… December 2020 Vacation Time!

2020 has been a huge dumpster fire of a year for many of us, I am sure I don’t need to tell you. We take our vacation once a year usually and it is usually in December. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve had to re-evaluate and change our plans for our annual vacation.

Our initially planned trip was a 2-week driving trip from Texas all that way to South Dakota and then to the east coast and New York City, Virginia, and more. With the restrictions going on with what you can do, what is open etc, we’ve had to re-plan throughout the months.

We leave next week, the day after Christmas, and return on Jan 8th. It is looking like our final plans are a drive to Arizona near the Flagstaff area where we dream to move to one day. It is higher than Denver, Colorado’s elevation, and nothing but mountains and pine trees.

We love that part of the country, away from people and where we can live in the outdoors and enjoy nature. Along the way, we will try to see some national parks and monuments if they are open in New Mexico. The Navajo Nation is in full lockdown right now. We will see what we are able to do.

We may even venture to Utah and Nevada to see some sights. It isn’t our original plan, but it is better than staying home or in Texas for our vacation. Both the wife and I work from home and have been for several years now. With the pandemic, we must get away! The weekends have been very limiting since the pandemic is still going on. Here’s hoping to 2021 getting better!