Microsoft Edge Infects Linux

I totally understand that some web developers feel they may benefit from Microsoft releasing their newest web browser based on Google’s "Chromium Project" called "Microsoft Edge" on Linux. However, as long as Microsoft doesn’t modify the rendering engine, there shouldn’t be any problems in rendering a website or the rendering performance. So the premise that web developers need it on Linux is a fallacy. We all know that at some point Microsoft will think it knows best and what is best for you as a user. They can’t help themselves!

I find it comical though, that Microsoft acts like this is great for Linux users in general. They are lost in grasping the fact that people chose Linux as their operating system of choice mainly because they don’t want anything to do with Microsoft or Windows. In general, we don’t want any of your PG-Rated applications (proprietary garbage).

We chose Linux to NOT be tracked, to NOT have a closed system. We chose Linux for totally open source applications that we can help contribute to the development of and the ability to know exactly what the application is doing because we can see the code. The freedom to spin any application off into another version of it. To change the application and its code to perform differently. We chose freedom. You’re choosing us. You don’t belong.

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