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Falling Out of Love With Apple

As time goes by it seems that I am slowly falling out of love with Apple products. Even though I still feel like they make the best products on the market, I can’t get past their increasing grasp or lock-down on their products. I understand that most of that is what contributes to how stable their operating systems are, but I can’t help but wonder how much a trade-off people are willing to continue making just for the sake of stability. I think I am at the end of my rope now.

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You’ve Got Great Expectations

It happens at every event that Apple puts on. It doesn’t matter if it’s the World Wide Developer conference, Mac World, or a special event that is announced through an invitation a week in advance. It’s inevitable; it frustrates me and at the same time makes me laugh. Have we come to expect too much from Apple? I think so.

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The Switch Is On

It is well known that there is a deep bias against Macintosh computers in the Windows users world. I know about this bias because I too was one of those who made fun of Macintosh computers and the users of them for over 15 years. If you must ask why I did this, I can honestly only tell you it wasn’t from any personal experience with them. I was merely just repeating what others told me about them and they were probably doing the same as me.

Apple Previews Wireless TV-Top Box

The last announcement from Steve Jobs at Tuesday’s special event completes the total picture of what the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) was meant to be. A central place for you to purchase legally downloadable music, music videos, television shows, and movies. Of-course iTunes is even more than that because you can also watch video Podcasts and listen to audio Podcasts which are both available free of charge.

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