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Switching E-Mails, Hosting My Own

I’ve ping-ponged (that’s a word right?) all over the place throughout the decades I’ve been online. Earthlink, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, GMail, iCloud, Outlook, Live, and others I can’t even remember. Now that I am older I believe I am done with doing what the “normies” do. I care more about privacy now than I ever have. My past habits show how much I’ve changed.

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Life, Work and Books

I haven’t been posting much to my blog lately as you can see. Life gets in the way much of the time but I haven’t had much of a desire to write. I have been working a lot at a company called Hexagroup located in the Montrose section of Houston, Texas. I’ve also been traveling a lot to Waller, Texas to perform design, CSS, and web work for a client of theirs who will soon be launching a new website/services that have to do with the open-source software world.
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Here I go Again!

From time to time I change my website and from time to time I switch from static to a CMS of sorts. Well, this time I am going with WordPress again, yet I am not going to be designing my own site. You see, I am extremely busy at work and what I do for a living full-time is web design. So naturally, when I am home the last thing I want to be actually doing is what I have been doing all day.
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A Change Will Do You Good

Sheryl Crow said it best in one of her songs… “A Change will do you good”. I’ve finally come around to being motivated enough to actually do something about getting in shape and dropping some of this extra weight I’ve been carrying around for the past fifteen years. So, I’ve gone and joined a gym that I pass by every day on the way home from work off of I-10 around Channel View. 24 Hour Fitness isn’t just a local fitness center; they have locations throughout the country. Their personal trainers are nice and know what they are talking about, which is always a plus if you ask me.
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I’m Getting Married Tomorrow

One of the last people I ever thought would ever get married would be me. However, when you meet the right woman it’s only natural. I met Kathleen over ten years ago. Possibly 11 or 12. We’ve been living together for about to 9 years now. Although the plan was to get married a few years ago, something always came up that made us postpone it. Well, the time is finally here.
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Moving To Crosby, Texas

I am in the process of moving to Crosby, Texas. It’s a small town near Houston. The population of about 1,700 people as of the 2000 Census. We bought a brand new house, never lived in. It’s a really quiet place. The plan is to work in Houston which is about a 40-minute drive. I should be back online with access to email on or around June 5th.

SXSW Interactive 2007

I’ve never been to SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas and I was hoping to go this year but two other designers from work were chosen instead of me this year. There are no hard feelings, both of them are friends of mine, but I would have loved to go. There is just so much stuff that goes on over the span of the conference that I would benefit from knowledge-wise and of-course it’s a lot of fun as well. I think one of the great things is meeting new people and other designers. Social networking is on the rise and the more people you know in the world the better off you are in your career because you have more people you can learn from and there is a lot of exchanging of ideas at this conference.

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300 Unexpected Surprises

This past Friday the Designer and Developer teams from PilotOnline & HamptonRoads.com were treated to lunch at California Pizza Cafe at MacArthur Mall in Downtown Norfolk which is famous for its trendy eateries and shops. The service was good and the food was good but nothing special. It certainly isn’t a place I would eat at again. Afterward, we were treated to a movie and the choice by all except me was “300″. You may find it strange that I never heard of Frank Miller or the epic comic book series titled “300″ but it’s the truth. The teams were anxious to see this movie. Earlier in the week, we were able to read the comic series which I have yet to do even after I saw the movie.

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Back In The New York Groove

I was born and raised in New York City and once you’re a New Yorker you always will be a New Yorker no matter where it is that you live. It’s one of those things about New York. It’s such a totally different place than any other city in our country. Everything is open 24 hours a day and the bars don’t close at 2:00 A.M. like they do in most places.

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