Twitter Is Twitterific!

A month ago or so I joined up with one of those new Web 2.0 Social Networking sites called Twitter ( and I said to myself what a silly idea! The first thing is who really cares about what I am doing now (posting to my blog if you must ask, sheesh!). The second thing is what a pain it would be to have to visit the web site each time to post what you’re doing all the time!

So like I was saying it’s been a month or so and here comes this little free application for Macintosh OS X called Twitterific ( It really is small and sits in your menu bar tray at the top right-hand side of your desktop. When it’s on-screen it’s really small and nice-looking so it stays open on my desktop all the time. The thing is this thing really makes it easy to post what you’re doing now. I still don’t understand what the big fuss is about this Twitter website but hey what do I know? It just won the best blog idea at South By Southwest ( It’s a huge, annual media, film, music, design, blogging, web developer conference that takes place in Austin, Texas.

So okay, Twitterific is installed and running and I guess I will play your silly little game! Oh, and if you’re bored and looking for someone to stalk I guess you can follow my every move at